Low Voltage Switchgears (15,486)

Mohan Exim – Authorised Siemens Electrical Distributors in Bangalore

About Siemens:
Siemens one of the most trusted Electrical Brands in the World. Siemens was well renowned for their bridging the technologies in the fields of infrastructure, energy distribution, aerospace, OEM’s, Oil & Gas, and many more.

About Mohan Exim:
From The year 1967, Our Venture Mohan Electrical has been one of the well-known electrical products suppliers in Bangalore. Since 2012 Mohan Exim India PVT Ltd is a Siemens Authorised Channel partner.

Siemens Electrical products:
At Mohan Exim, we have encompassed a high range of quality electrical products, some of which are listed below.
1. Low Voltage switch gears
2. Distribution boards
3. Control Gears

Low Voltage switch gears

Siemens Low voltage switchgear provides all-around protection for your electrical devices.
● HRC Fuses
● Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
● Switch Fuse Disconnector
● Air Circuit Breaker

Low Voltage switchgear mainly consists of Siemens Betagard MCB, Sentron 3VA, 3VL & 3VT MCCB, and other wide range of devices like Siemens 3WL,3WT ACB with HRC Fuses (Siemens 3NW), and RCCB ( Betagard 5SM3). Every low voltage switchgear would vary per their pole types, rated current and Breaking capacity.

Control Gears:

1. Power Contractors
2. Auxiliary Contactors
3. Capacitor Duty Contactors
4. Push Buttons
5. Indicating Lamps
6. Illumination Modules
7. DOL/Star Delta Starter

Why choose Mohan Exim for Siemens Products?
Buying all siemens electrical products under one roof will always be time-saving. Our support team is always ready to serve you with the best answers. Mohan Exim provides reliable brand products at attractive prices and offers. Customers could get a lot of benefits by shopping at Eleczo.